Economic Broiler Tool

The Economic Broiler Tool was developed by Provimi as an economic tool for agricultural companies (integrations, feed mills, broiler farmers etc.)
to evaluate the potential use of ProGress, Biacid and Proviox in their specific operations. Economic improvements with the use of these Provimi
products are estimated by combining company specific input values including operation size, technical performance and local market prices with
up-to-date Provimi research results and standards from the breeding companies.
This calculator is provided for illustrative purposes only and Provimi alerts you to the inherent limitations in the calculator. You should be aware that given
these limitations, the results generated by this calculator will be approximate in nature, rather than exactly reflective of you particular situation.
By accessing this calculator, you acknowledge that in no event Provimi shall be laible for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from its use.